There are many instances of being disappointed due to the hype that leads up to it. For example, over spring break, I was planning to go out minimally and actually get some stuff done. I was planning to study for exams and catch up on some assignments for school. In the end however, I went out way too much (somewhere in between I sprained my knee) and I slept half of the day off. I stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning and then I would wake up at 12 or 11. I was truly living the good life over my spring break.

Not only did I have expectations, but so did those around me. My friends, family and especially my parents. My friends definitely expected me to go out considering that I was in a drought without any social activities other than club events. My family thought I would study for exams because my parents- being the asian parents they are- love to brag about their only child and how studious she is (hilarious) so they assumed that I would crack open those AP prep books and ACT/SAT prep books and study until my eyes bleed or something extreme like that.


Although I did go out a lot, but I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would because my mind was flooded with my mom’s nagging, which was a foreshadow, and how I should’ve stayed home and studied. My mind goes through an argument with itself. But then I realize, there are some people who are actually studying at home and not living a bit. The whole point was to get out there and go on a break. Not a studying binge. I believe that spring break is what you make it to be. It really depends on your perspective.

Like for my parents, in their perspective, they would want their only child and daughter to study in order to get into a good school and live a good life.