It’s funny how kids from then would often play outside and be social. Elementary kids would spend so much more time outside playing jump rope or hopscotch. Nowadays, kids are stuck indoors learning about something they probably they won’t remember about in 2 years.

It affects these kids negatively by preventing them from developing their mindset and their social skills. According to a TEDx Talk, Peter Gray, research has concluded that five to eight times as many children today suffer from major depression or from a clinically significant anxiety disorder- and I think this is really interesting.

To spread awareness on the lack of playtime that kids these days get, Global School Play Day was estblished. Global School Play Day, or GSPD, is the day where unstructured play is allowed in school.

“Our children don’t need more school. They need less school. Maybe they need better school, but they don’t need more school.” – Peter Gray | TEDxNavesink

My english class participated in GSPD and several people in my class brought in toys and games. My english teacher, Mr. T, brought in several board games as well. I feel that not many students brought in games, but that number can increase if the teacher put a higher emphasis on Global School Play Day or possibly offer extra credit?

I, however, did not bring a game, but instead made waffles for the class. My friend and I coordinated what to bring to make the waffles and it was a fun experience. My friend and I decided to make waffles because we both as children enjoyed being indoors and liked to cook with our families at home. To reminince that, we decided to make waffles and distribute it among the class.

I wished that I could draw with chalk or something crafty, but I only have 2 hands and they were occupied with making waffles. However, I enjoyed seeing various people complimenting on the waffles, especially comments on how the class smelled “homey and cozy”


From this experience, I learned that a break from learning from a textbook or lecture is necessary and learning hands-on and being ale to develop social skills is just as important as learning the slope-intercept formula or the basic components of life. Other teachers should start practicing Global School Play Day and more teachers should realize the importance of a growing mind and molding children’s mind to be more social and creative while exploring the great and vast outdoors.