I have several cousins who are loved dearly by my aunts. They greet my relatives when they meet, are polite, answer when asked something, you know- the usual. But there are also some other cousins, who are also loved by my aunts, but not as much. They greet my relatives, when their parents tell them to. They do whatever they want to do, even if they’re not allowed to do so. They don’t respond and have that look on their face as if the relative was speaking in some kind of alien language.

I’m close to most of my cousins, and every time I talk to a particular cousin, it infuriates me. It’s not that I hate her or anything. She tells me constantly over and over again that I will never understand her. She tells me that everyone in the family hates her for no apparent reason. I think that’s false because it’s not that they hate her, how can they hate her? It’s her personality and how she’s so pessimistic about everything. I wish that she would stop talking about the negative things and start trying to find the good things.