Growing up as the only child, there has been many instances when I would wonder what it is like to have a sibling. Is it fun? Annoying? I don’t even know.

Then I become friends with people who have siblings. There are many mixed reviews apparently. Sometimes they annoy you, poke you, talk to you, “live”. It’s pretty interesting to observe people and how they treat their siblings, it’s almost like seeing them as a parent.

It’s quite endearing to watch someone take care of someone younger. It’s cute. The innocence and curiosity of the young one and how they ask the most mind-boggling questions ever.

I feel like having a younger sibling is like a step to having children of your own- whether it be a fur baby or an actual baby. If you’re an older sibling, there’s so much responsibility to it. You have to be a good role-model, be responsible for their actions (unintentionally) and be an at-home-best-friend.

“Someday I will have a best friend all my own. One I can tell my secrets to. One who will understand my jokes without my having to explain to them. Until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor” (Cisneros 9)

They think that it’s a hassle to have siblings younger that them because they don’t understand things due to their age. To be honest, that’s false. Because they would be saying the same thing to their parent too. If one’s parents asked them to explain to them a new slang, a response would be “You wouldn’t understand” If one’s younger sibling asked them to explain a certain concept, a response would be “You wouldn’t understand”

To me, having a younger sibling sounds fun and profitable. Being an introvert, I don’t need to have someone listen to me because I’ll express it in some other way. I’m a good listener, so I wouldn’t mind listening to a younger sibling’s rant or answering a strange question. It’s nice to listen to someone else’s story from either a younger or older point of view.

As of now though, I have a dog.