Junior year of High School is probably the most nerve-racking year ever- and we’re only two months in. Taking standardized exams, maintaining grades, and thinking about what colleges you want to go to or what you want to major in are ideas that act like a nagging mother in your mind sometimes.

I think it’s necessary to take a break sometimes, whether it’s a nap or a short trip to LA to get your mind off stressful things. Lately, I’ve been thinking about taking a trip to North California or Palm Springs just to be in a car for a long time for resting and breathe a bit. Taking a trip seems nice and all, but to be honest, it’s unlikely for a high school student (not to mention a junior) to do that.

The only time I have to myself nowadays are Friday nights to Sunday mornings. In those 41 hours, I can only do so much. I could take a nap, watch a movie, go on a bubble tea run, shopping, or taking a drive down to San Diego taking mental photos of the nice scenery.